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The project of Ex situ Cultivated Flora of China was officially initiated
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May 30, 2012: The project of Ex situ Cultivated Flora of China is officially initiated, Editorial and Advisory committees was organized
In May 30, 2012, the Project of of Ex situ Cultivated Flora of China was officially initiated in the South China Botanical Garden (SCBG), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The Editorial and Advisory committee were organized at the same time. The SCBG is responsible for this project with the participation of the CAS affiliated botanical gardens and other main botanical gardens in China. About 20 Botanical gardens and 40 experts are invited in the initial meeting. Academician Hong Deyuan said that this project is irreplaceable for the plant conservation; Academician Chen Xiaoya said that it’s a major event in botanical history and the publication should be considered in line with cyber age.

Compared with Flora of China – This project should pay more attention to in-garden morphology, taxonomy delimitation, phenology, distribution, adaptability, and growth status etc. This project is aim to support plant taxonomy in China, to enhance basic research in related plant biology and to provide better service for germplasm discovery and sustainable use of plant resources. In the long run, this big plan will benefit to construct the botanical gardens into important bases combining scientific research, conservation of biodiversity, development and utilization of resources, public education and popularization of knowledge of plant sciences.



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