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Forthcoming meetings 

  1. First Announcement of Joint 5th Conference of IABG Asian Division and East Asia Botanical Garden Network Meeting 



  2. 6th Asian Pteridological Symposium will take place in Bali Botanic Gardens, Bali, Indonesia August 2014. This Symposium is in conjunction with Bali Botanic Gardens Anniversary, as you can see in web Symposium
  3. 29th International Horticultural Congress, Brisbane, 17-22 August 2014.
  4. 2nd International Symposium of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, 16-19 May, 2013



  5. APGA 2013 Conference: Garden Evolution, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 20-24 May, 2013
  6. International Rhododendron Species Conservation Conference, 20-21 April 2013, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland. UK.


    Jointly hosted by: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Rhododendron Species Conservation Group and Botanical Gardens Conservation International

    Theme:  The Red List of Rhododendrons : Where Do We Go From Here? Establishing Priorities and an Action Plan


5th  Congress of International Association of Botanical Gardens Asian Division (IABG-AD)





Exchange and collaboration: 

the roles of botanical gardens in plant sciences and ecology




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5 December 2012 Presentations  Presentations.pdf
20 November 2012 Group Photo  Group Photo-IABG 2012.JPG
9 November 2012   Final Program Final Program.pdf
7 September 2012   2nd Announcement 2nd CIRCULAR.pdf
20 July 2012   Reminder: Deadline for Symposium & Workshop Proposals
The deadline is August 1, 2012. Please submit your proposal online or by email now.
2 July 2012   Plenary speakers updated
For more details, please see Scientific Program.
16 June 2012   Plenary addresses, symposia & workshops updated
For more details, please see Plenary Addresses, Symposia & Workshops.
19 April 2012   Plenary speakers announced
For more details, please see Scientific Program.
23 March 2012   1st Circular IABG 2012 1st CIRCULAR-Download.PDF
14 March 2012   Call for symposia and workshops
The Scientific Committee invites ideas and proposals for symposia and workshops. For more information, please see 
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